International Child Development Programme (ICDP)

ICDP’s commitment is to work for the benefit of children, youth and families worldwide, working towards a more peaceful and violence-free society. We aim to implement recent knowledge from scientific research in child development for the benefit of vulnerable and neglected children.

icdp-australiaICDP’s method is to provide for human care by activating empathy and building competence in caregivers; the focus is on quality relationships that enhance psychosocial development.

Our work is based on principles that are in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. ICDP participates directly and indirectly in activities run by other humanitarian organisations that have corresponding objectives. The ICDP is another expression of the same humanitarian spirit as it is encoded in the convention of children’ rights.

ICDP’s methods can be put in practice in any community to create positive conditions for the fulfilment of fundamental children’s rights: the right to be protected from violence and to receive the loving care and guidance from the immediate environment which is required to ensure healthy human development. Introducing children’s rights is likely to have a major impact on families (and all levels of authorities) if efforts are also made to activate awareness and deeper bonding to children as persons.

icdp-norwayOur general strategy is to convey competence and expertise to individuals, organizations, universities,educational institutions and networks of care, in order to reach large numbers of disadvantaged children and families in a way that is sustainable long term.

The purpose of our cooperation with partner organizations is to offer training, as well as follow up educational and moral support, thus ensuring the quality of ICDP work and its positive impact on the development of caregivers and children.The ICDP worldwide network provides opportunities for successful partnerships that sustain ICDP’s operations in a viable and long term manner.

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