Our Vision

My+picture+023People, families, and communities in need. Around the world, every day, individuals are suffering. They are sick, hungry, hurt, dislocated — in need of basic services, education, self development, community. They also need help and nurturing, compassion, someone to talk to, a sense of belonging. The programs that Susila Dharma USA supports are diverse but they all have one thing in common: they recognize and share the one human spirit.

Transforming lives and communities. Self-sufficiency, confidence, and hope. There is no one profile of an individual or community that receives the benefits of a Susila Dharma USA-sponsored initiative. The results are multi-faceted. Many children are able to attend school, receive healthcare, and experience creative growth as a result of Susila Dharma funding. Through education, training, and microcredit, women heads-of-households become self-sufficient. Families reconnect with themselves as well as with their cultures through participating in a variety of community programs and activities. Those affected by war, famine, illness, disaster, disease, dislocation, and domestic violence receive physical assistance and regain emotional and spiritual well-being.

Susila Dharma USA initiatives are:

Holistic and Diverse — We provide seed money for and support a wide variety of humanitarian programs that truly transform individual lives and communities in diverse ways – and in many geographies. Susila Dharma USA has chosen a holistic approach that addresses multiple challenges rather than focusing exclusively in only one area. This expanded approach and diversity also creates a wider path and multiple channels for donors to contribute.

Locally Initiated — Those who live and work in local communities, and therefore understand the true needs and environmental conditions, serve the local communities with true dedication, compassion and inspiration, engaging long-term, direct participation and fostering empowerment of community members.

Multi-cultural — Leveraging Susila Dharma International’s worldwide system expands the multi-cultural experience, gathering wisdom and knowledge across all cultures, environments, and religions. This helps bridge geographies, languages, and other differences to create harmony, restore true culture, and build solutions to world problems. Particularly those that afflict the poor and underprivileged.

Worldwide — Susila Dharma’s reach is wide, and our system shares and offers educational, professional, and financial resources through our network of national humanitarian wings. We speak many languages, share skills, and work together on many projects – some of our programs are supported or recognized by the United Nations as models of community building.

Committed to Excellence — Susila Dharma USA is committed to excellence in both vision and practice. We carefully monitor the humanitarian programs we support to ensure sustainability, while working to build internal capabilities and the professional skills to maintain and expand our vision and mission in the world.