Susila Dharma is an affiliate organization of Subud, an international, spiritual association of people who share a unique experience known as the latihan. We are an association of men and women of all nationalities, all beliefs and faiths, and all cultures, with a common aim: to improve ourselves as human beings through our worship of God. Subud is not a new religion and requires no study or teacher.

The name Subud is an acronym derived from the Sanskrit phrase: Susila Budhi Dharma.

Susila denotes those qualities, which give rise to a character, conduct and actions, which are truly human, and in accordance with the Will of God.

Budhi means that in all creatures, including man, there dwells an inner force to draw us towards our proper path, the path that leads to God.

Dharma signifies sincerity, surrender, and submission to God, which are awakened in man by the Will of God Himself.

This symbolizes a person who has a calm and peaceful inner feeling and who is able to receive the contact with the Great Life Force.

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