Projects by location


SD in the Democratic Republic of Congo

With an average income of less than $200 (USD) a year, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world. The Susila Dharma Projects in Education and Healthcare have been struggling with this very difficult situation for many years, trying to find ways to create schools and healthcare centers that can meet the needs of the people in an affordable way.

Mother-Child Hospital Center of Kwilu Ngongo

In the DRC, one in six children dies before the age of five years old, due to highly preventable illnesses, including malaria. This new hospital well bring healthcare to a community of 42 thousand.


Asia & Pacific Region

Bina Cita Utama

Bina Cita Utama (BCU) School is an innovative educational community in the Palangka Raya district of Central Kalimantan. The school offers challenging programs of study and a high-quality environment for learning.


Anisha focusses on rural communities of Karnataka, India, creating sustainable economic and environmental models for villagers in order to slow the flight of families from impoverished rural villages to the hugely overcrowded cities.

Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS)

Using participatory rural appraisal techniques, YTS has assisted communities in Kalimantan to make village development plans and to create an annual village development fund to support local livelihoods.

Borneo International Football Academy

Borneo Football International Academy provides a healthy environment and quality assistance to children and youth in football training, health…

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)

YUM is an umbrella charity that oversees various Indonesian initiatives, including, orphanages, schools operating in slum areas, provision of food, microcredit, supplies, and education to families in crisis, technical and educational assistence to provide clean water and organic produce.

Permakultur Kalimantan (YPK)

YPK provides permaculture education and training to improve land management, increase community resilience and food security, support sustainable livelihoods and help to conserve the natural environment in Central Kalimantan.

The Americas

A Child’s Garden of Peace

A Child’s Garden of Peace is a collaborative effort founded and directed by Dr. Illène Pevec to create gardens where children can play in peace and learn to grow food for themselves and their families.

Camp Badger

Camp Badger's arts and enrichment activities serve children of California's Fresno and Tulare County Sierra foothills and nearby San Joaquin Valley towns. The programs help kids tap their innate resourcefulness and encourage them to take creative risks through individual and collaborative artistic expression.

Usaha Mulia Abadi (UMA)

Usaha Mulia Abadi, working with the local community of San Miguel Atlautla has built a center with an educational project for children and youth. The project was named by Bapak, “Usaha Mulia Abadi” meaning Noble and Eternal Effort.

Inner City Schools

The Inner City Schools project provides books and art supplies that are not normally available to children in low income schools as well as clothing for children who are homeless.

Quest Center for Integrative Health

Portland, Oregon Quest Center for Integrative Health  is a wellness-focused, nonprofit healthcare clinic striving to strengthen those diagnosed…

The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI)

New York The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI), founded by New York City Subud member, Uraidah Hassani, seeks to inspire and educate young women in…