Our Mission

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  • Values and promotes social justice and equality through community programs that promote harmony within the cultures they serve. Key focus is placed on development that respects the dignity of each individual, while honoring and nurturing existing cultures.
  • Endorses capacity-building activities that are locally initiated and committed to serving local populations through interactive participation and collaborative partnerships. We view humanitarian service as participatory ─ when people give to other people, mutually transforming relationships occur.
  • Fosters programs dedicated to social and humanitarian activities including health, education, and long-term community development. We promote activities that are visionary and creative, while also being accountable and sustainable.
  • Maintains ongoing partnerships with member programs through personal communication between volunteer leaders and Susila Dharma USA. We support the program leaders who inspire us and transform the lives of others─one by one─with compassion and care.
  • Strives to bring hope to people around the globe, and seeks to unite people from all cultures. We believe that shared humanity is a prime motivator for helping individuals to take action that betters their communities.