Students breathe new life into the Glorietta at Atalanta

Joanna Dokson, San Luis Valley

Reprinted from The Rocky Mountain Region News

The Glorietta

Joanna and volunteers run a community garden at Atalanta where members share in the products of the garden by either buying them or by bartering their work in the garden for the fruits and vegetables. The surplus goes to the needy in the Crestone area. And from Joanna: “We recently were blessed by having student service learning volunteers from Colorado College come to Atalanta to work on the glorietta, designed by Kelly Hart and built during the Vittachi Youth Educators Conference. They were a delight to work with and on the last night they all slept under the stars in the glorietta.  The glorietta is a lovely little storytelling, gathering, entertainment spot. It still needs a finish coat and more willows woven into the roof.

The Glorietta from the inside.

The students also reestablished paths, from the garden to the glorietta and from the garden to the medicine wheel established first by Thomas Banyaquia and then Lorraine Fox-Davis and Orville Looking Horse on the top of the Atalanta hill. Then they made a new trail from the glorietta to the top of the hill.

Our garden is looking great and has new members. We are fundraising on eBay with donated items and are having a garage sale next weekend in Alamosa. Our presentation at the National Congress in Indianapolis was small but the feedback very positive to have Subud build a regional/national facility on the Atalanta land. Also, SES and SICA just sent letters of support also to the regional and the national committees.”