Quest Center for Integrative Health

Portland, Oregon

Quest Center for Integrative Health  is a wellness-focused, nonprofit healthcare clinic striving to strengthen those diagnosed with chronic or life challenging illness. Quest is committed to treating everyone, including low-income, medically underserved people, many of whom are living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and behavioral health disorders. Quest, founded in Portland, Oregon, by Lusijah Marx in 1989, focuses on providing healthy meals, alternative therapies, and nutrition education.

As a multi-disciplinary, integrative care clinic, Quest combines traditional and holistic medical, mental health, substance abuse, and support services in a community-based + Add New Category setting. Through its programs and services, Quest assists clients to make and sustain lifestyle changes that support coping and healing from both mental and physical illness.

Quest Center’s Mission is: “to provide services, community, and education to low-income, at-risk people seeking a wellness-focused approach to living and dying. We work to assist our clients to sustain lifestyle changes that support healing, and to effectively strengthen those diagnosed with chronic or life-challenging illnesses.”

Quest Center’s Philosophy is based in the belief that people thrive when their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs are effectively met. Quest uses a community model, recognizing the important role that receiving and giving support to others can play, while honoring the diversity of each participant, pulling from a wide range of treatment options to heal the whole person.

  • Nurturing Empowerment and Well-being (NEW) program for people seeking integrative mental health care,
  • Women of Wisdom (WOW) program for HIV+ women and their children,
  • Healing and Empowerment Program (HEP) for survivors and women in treatment for breast cancer,
  • Promoting an Active Community through Education (PACE) program for people seeking healthful lifestyles,
  • Finding and Sustaining Recovery (FSR) program for people battling substance abuse,
  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions (LWCC) program for people with chronic or life-challenging illnesses, and
  • HIV/AIDS Services (HIV/AIDS) program for people with HIV/AIDS

A special addition at Quest, Nurturing Empowerment and Well-being (NEW), integrates state-of-the-art mental health care from a wide variety of disciplines. The offerings from the NEW program are used widely throughout all of Quest’s programs, and combine:

  • evaluation/assessment,
  • one-on-one and group therapy,
  • couples counseling,
  • psychiatric services,
  • nutrition education,
  • exercise and movement therapy,
  • intensive skill-building workshops,
  • complementary medical services,
  • mentoring,
  • psychosocial support, and
  • development of a community that nurtures support and self empowerment.

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