Badger Arts and Environmental Camp

Founded in 2004, the Badger Arts and Environmental Camp’s arts and enrichment activities serve children of California’s Fresno and Tulare County Sierra foothills and nearby San Joaquin Valley towns. These programs help kids tap their innate resourcefulness and encourage them to take creative risks through individual and collaborative artistic expression.Badger Arts and Environmental Camp is fiscally sponsored by Seven Circles Retreat in Badger, California, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, along with Susila Dharma USA.

badger01What Are Camp Badger’s Goals?

Exploring creativity and choice through the arts profoundly affects children by giving them the challenges they need to grow and flourish, along with the self-confidence and inner strength they need to effectively communicate their ideas, feelings, and needs in school and at home. Badger Arts and Environmental Camp’s goal is to provide children with these opportunities, which strengthen and broaden the foundation on which their adulthood will be based.

badger02Who Does Camp Badger Serve?

California’s Central Valley ranks as one of the top five regions in the United States for rural childhood poverty. Our participants come from two school districts in this region:

Cutler-Orosi USD: encompasses farming areas of the Central Valley and isolated mountain communities in Tulare County; 71% of households in its district are under the poverty line.

Kings Canyon USD: Fresno County, which includes Central Valley farm towns and mountain settlements; 73% of its students qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program

Our program centers around four main ideas:

  • Inspiration — helping each camper try out all kinds of creative experiences and helping them find areas where they excel.
  • Caring — building a camp community where we all work together and support each other in our efforts.
  • Health — fostering a healthy and balanced lifestyle that includes good food, exercise, and enough sleep.
  • Tools — helping each camper develop tools for making their way in the world, including being able to speak to an audience, being able to think critically, and effectively advocate for themselves.

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